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Rogers Community Forums. Wireless. Windows Other Devices.Re: HTC 8X Windows Phone 8.1 update. Forget it. HTC 8X user will never get windowsphone 8.1 update. Firstly they told March then july and now October. SUBSCRIBE The HTC 8X was the launch partner for the Windows Phone 8 OS. This made a lot of sense to me mostly because as it turns out, Nokia did very little to offer a compelling handset.Read about this and join our forum: http The Windows Phone 8X by HTC has been out for a few months now, being one of the first Windows Phone 8 devices to launch worldwide. It brought with it a deceptively slim, colorful design, a stunning Super LCD 2 display and decently powerful hardware for a Windows Phone Now that Windows Phone 8 is making a big push, the Taiwan based company is banking to see its HTC 8X being the premier smartphone for the platform out of the gate. Indeed, its treading a different path with its out-of-character design Top features of The HTC Windows Phone 8X PM 23300. OS Windows 8 Display Screen 4.3 HD 720p Screen Rear Camera 8MP Front camera 2.0MP 4G compatible. HTC 8x windows phone 8.1 rom. Discussion in HTC Windows started by mobile zone, Sep 23, 2017.Search this forum only. Windows Phone 8X by HTC. Samsung ATIV SE.

Samsung SCH-u550.Visit the Community Forums. Ask questions, or share your opinions on Verizon Wireless products and services. Windows Phone 8 has now ben available for over a month, and Ive spent some time with the smartphone that has been labelled the signature device of Windows Phone 8, the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Hello Today I want to repair IMEI For HTC Windows Phone 8x PM23300 But after repairs Only now bootable i flash but the same thing Please help because the phone was working normally before that Thanks! This signature phone for Windows Phone 8 sports a unibody design with a colorful curved back and shaped glass front.

Key features include a high-quality camera driven by HTCs ImageChip, wide-angle front camera, Beats audio with high-power amp, and NFC supporting Softcard. Microsoft have anointed the HTC Windows Phone 8X as a signature Windows Phone device, to be used by themselves while promoting the platform. Thats the handset were going to look at now. Forums. Forum Categories.The HTC Windows Phone 8X runs Microsofts new Windows 8 operating system and features an 8 megapixel camera sensor and has an ultra wide-angle lens. JC, 15 Aug 2017My HTC windows 8x cant connect to messenger , it cannot send messages on messenger either. p moreIts working on WindowsFor peapols who asking why messenger doesnt work its cuz they droped support for windows 8.1 and now only windows phone 10 will support it. HTC Windows Phone 8X Review. By Michael A. Prospero | October 29, 2012.With a name like Windows Phone 8X, you know that HTC has closely aligned itself with Microsoft for the launch of its new mobile operating system. Specifications of the HTC Windows Phone 8X CDMA. Dimensions: 66.2 x 132.4 x 10.1 mm, Weight: 132 g, SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960, CPU: Krait, 1500 MHz, GPUList of the latest comparisons made by the website visitors, which include HTC Windows Phone 8X CDMA. VIDEO REVIEW: HTCs Windows Phone 8x.HTCs new Windows Phone 8x is the best Windows Phone you can buy. Check out our video review below. We also have the full written review here. This is a short blog post for everyone owning an HTC 8X who got their phones bricked by the wrongly installed Windows Phone 10 update two days ago. I m not taking any credit for this one as the solution was posted by Mevlt ayr in this thread on the Microsoft forums. xda-developers HTC One (M7) One (M7) General [WP8.1] Windows Phone 8.1 port for the M7 by Nailyouh. FORUMS.2 HTC is releasing a Windows phone m8 soon . So it may be possible. Popularity chart of HTC Windows Phone 8X. We do our best to present the proper and current information on this page. However, in case of finding any error in the data above please. The HTC Windows Phone 8X is a beautiful device with a delightful form factor. It is without doubt the best phone that HTC has made and has enough punch to be seriously considered alongside the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy SIII. The Windows Phone 8X. Reversing a habit of putting merely a token effort into its Windows Phone range, HTC is greeting the launch of Microsofts eighth mobile OS with a handset that leaves no doubt HTC Windows phone 8S and HTC Windows phone 8X are Windows 8 phone from HTC. You can see the complete specifications, reviews and features below.Weight of the HTC Windows Phone 8S is approximately 113 grams. HTC Windows Phone 8S contains touch sensitive controls. Description: Windows Phone 8X by HTC Driver Installer. File Version: 8.5. File Size: 2.33 M. Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. Sort Forum Tools. 8x by HTC Windows Phone Development. Views: 5,709,955.Sticky: Guide to HTC Device Forums (Please Read before posting). Thread by coal686. Will Windows Phones make their mark through color? HTC today announced two new phones that will run Microsofts upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system: the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Windows Phone 8S. Page 1 of 10. HTC Windows Phone 8XLVDVVHPEOH XLGH. Step 1 LCD Touch Screen Assembly.Maneuver the assembly to a spot where you will be able to proceed. Page 2 of 10. HTC Windows Phone 8XDisassemble Guide. Jump to content. Mobile News. nsane.forums. Existing user? Sign In.This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Review: Windows Phone 8X by HTC. By nsane.forums, November 22, 2012 in Mobile News. HTC Windows Phone 8X. Most useful information. Search for anything about the Windows Phone 8X. WATCH HTCs Windows Phone 8X and 8S. 0 Shares."Signature Windows Phones are born out of a close collaboration with Microsoft and HTC," HTCs Director of Public Relations Tom Harlin told ABC News. Windows Phone 8S by HTC. User guide. 2 Contents.Creating a new room. Only contacts with Windows Phone 8 can participate in a room. When you create a room, you are the owner of the room. If you just cant wait to get the new trace keyboard, notification center, those new home screen customizations or Microsofts Cortana personal assistant, follow the instructions below and youre HTC phone will be running Windows phone 8.1 Preview in no time. - - - Released 2012, November 130g, 10.1mm thickness Microsoft Windows Phone 8 16GB storage, no card slot.You can get windows phone 8.1 by installing the developer preview. I just install it today on my HTC 8x and it works great. Today at HTCs press conference, the company introduced two new phones. The Windows Phone 8X is the bigger brother, the flagship device. With a 4.3-inch I have a HTC 8x windows phone with upgrade in windows phone 8.1 Now I am installed windows insider app for getting windows 10. Plz suggests me to update my HTC 8x phone in windows 10. HTC Windows Phone 8X hands-on review - Продолжительность: 2:24 The Verge 44 518 просмотров.Iconic design behind the Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC - Продолжительность: 2:36 HTC 327 488 просмотров. Re: Windows Phone 8.1 on HTC 8X. Thank you for the link to the information regarding the latest release. Unfortunately it does not provide the details which HTC 8x users are seeking. Both of the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Windows Phone 8S have been announced and are expected to be released at the same time. Although both phones are packed with features, they are geared toward two different consumers. To sync music, photos and other content between your HTC Windows Phone 8X and computer, you can use the Windows Phone app on a computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8. 3. Change the name of the phone if required. The HTC Windows Phone 8X is a smartphone that you will either love or not want to touch even with a 10 foot pole. Part of the arguments for and against it stem from the operating system of choice, Microsofts latest (and greatest) Windows Phone iteration. HTC 8x wont get Windows 10.

Jump to page: Forum. Phones. The HTC Windows Phone 8X is the signature handset of Windows Phone 8, the product of the companys partnership with Microsoft for the newest version of its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8. Announced last month, the phone is set to make its way to ATT 40. Gallery: HTC Windows Phone 8X review (ATT model) | 35 Photos.HTC Windows Phone 8X for T-Mobile. Pros. Exquisite designCompact packageGorgeous display. xda-developers Windows Phone 8s by HTC 8s by HTC Windows Phone Development Unbranding Windowsphone 8S by windigo007.Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro Forums Are Now Open for Posting. If ever there was a smartphone that screams underdog, the HTC Windows Phone 8X is that phone. In a handset market dominated by Apple (AAPL) and Samsung (005930), HTC (2498) stumbled badly in late 2011 and has yet to regain it footing. HTC Windows Phone 8X specification includes 8 MP Camera, 16 GB storage, 1 GB RAM Internal Memory, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red Colours, MP3 Player, etc.HTC Windows Phone 8X. Release Date: Exp. announcement 2012, September Views: 21628. HTC Phone 8X is a Windows Phone 8 based HTC Smartphone with sleek design and 4.3-inch HD super LCD 2 display offering 1280 x 720 pixels resolutions.There are several more useful features which makes the device must have Windows Phone 8 based device. Today we can however deliver the good news that the popular HTC 8X will soon also be included in the technical preview program, with the Windows Phone Recovery tool also supporting the handset. Its certainly what I physically expected it to be, but some design decisions by HTC (perhaps with some input from the networks) has left the 8S with a flaw that, while not crippling, seriously limits the expansive capabilities of a Windows Phone 8 device. The HTC 8X is the signature Windows Phone 8 device, but is it any good?A splash of colour, Microsofts latest mobile platform and a sleek new body are combined with more powerful hardware - is the 8X the phone to bring Windows Phone 8 to the masses? You waited patiently for your bold, new Windows Phone 8X or 8S by HTC. Now that the wait is over, its time to migrate information from that other phone. Fortunately, with the Windows Phone app, Bluetooth, and a couple of online services, importing the data you need is simple.