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I had to install Google Play Services on my phone. After that I was able to download and install every app present there and all apps started working properly.Google play store now comes with google play services. In most of the Android phone. When PN is not working the Play Store will hang Google Play Store problems apps not is not with my phone.I have just updated my shield TV, and now the android google play store does not work! Wipe the Google Play Store cache. Cache memory is an awesome tool. By storing data locally, the phone can reduce data usage and speed up loading times.Could the issue be Google Play Services? We could say Googles apps are the motor that drives Android devices. did not work on my phone. Installed an older version.

Solved: " has stopped"? Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped working. Step 6: Now flush the cache, restart your Android phone, and say Goodbye to the error.Also see: Google Play Store vs. Google Play Services. Update: We are receiving many queriesIt belongs to Android OS, hence, these solutions will work every time you see Google play services error. Going through all of these steps will ensure that your phone or tablet running Android features the latest version of the Play Store in the Google Play app.My play store not working at all What r the tips to recover it. it is not open I have numerous Android devices that I work with (phones and tablets).

Each phone seems to have a different set of apps installed.Point your browser to the Google Play Store. Log into your account (your Google account credentials). Click on My Apps. My Google account had been made in Hungary, so the country is set there as well. Now I would like to download Android Pay to my phone but it says I cannotAlways loads uk store. I have used vpn for accessing other sites usa stores but Google play just does not work. Isso Jawad July 19, 2015 Reply. hiii,,,, play store is not working .when i click on play store (the message is)unfortunatly google play service is not responding".when i installed a new app theMake Your Own DIY Chromecast Replacement With Raspberry Pi. Now You Can Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android. Instead now after method 2, Google play store has stopped working. Kindly somebody suggest. I am even not able to update or install any android app.Not play store update my phone karbonn A51. Reply. If your Google Play Store application still is not working, you need to refresh your Google account.February 24, 2017. How to solve Android phone not detecting SD card problem 7 easy solutions. I am not sure if your other apps are working or not? Try getting what you need from the website from your computer. Your phone should be synced with your account. https Thanks Raman for this article. Now I can sign out from Google Play store in my Android phone anytime with the help of Log Out App.Anshul Singh. Many thanks for this awesome tip Raman. It worked and I signed out of Google Play. And that Logout! App worked too. Of course you know thats where you go to install most apps for your Android smartphone. Funny enough, the Google play store could sometimes get so buggy that downloading apps becomes a problem.why play store not working on my camon techno phones. The Google Services Framework system app on your Android device stores information and helps your phone sync with Google servers — and keeps yourD. This also seems to have worked for me. I tried clearing cashe on google play services google play store, and google framework. Android KitKat 4.4 Bugs. Android Touch Screen Not Working Problem [Fix]. Moto G The Best Budget Smartphone Yet.I did not connect to Facebook and google play store. After reading this article I saw the date of my smart phone and then laughed at myself . Simple tips and tricks to fix random crashes and freezes with Google Play Store app on your Android phone. Its relatively easy to manually install the store on any supported Android device.Unfortunately, this method wont work on Amazon devices.On APKMirror, search for and download the latest version of the Google Play store (as of October 16 that is version 5.10.29). The downloaded file will appear in the notifications pull-down menu at the top of your phone and in the Download folder in the app drawer. But these are some command reasons for Google Play not sowing Android phone, tablet.Like other issues and errors, this is probably a Google Play store app related issue. In my situation, I followed this method and it work. Some details about not working : Installation ok, choose the phone galaxy s3, push apply, alllow root permissions, visit google dashboard My old galaxyDear Developer, It has been one of the greatest app i have on my android but i am feeling very bad and sad since the new goolgle play store 4.0.27 why does Google play store dont work on my phone?Hi Dan, it should be working unless there are problems with your phone or Android OS. If none of the above solved your Google Play problem, please have your phone checked by a technician or go to your phones service center. Error code 491 google play store, tried what u said did not work, now what i have an zte zpad help please.No, this method is not working on my android phone. I tried this several times on different occasions. will S8 get Android P eventually?533. Is the a shortcut to turn data off?490. Can I print from my galaxy 8 phone with a printer that isnt wireless??463.Your advice and instructions worked to solve my Google play store issue Thank you Why Is My Google Maps Not Working On Android Phone? How to Fix!Why My Android Cant Download anything from the Browser and Play store? If still Play store not working, perform the final step Factory Data Reset of your phone. This could be your only way out of Google Play misery.I hope these tips worked for you Android Smartphone to fix play store not working problem. Within Android, the store is referred to as Play Store. Until March 2012 the store was called Android Marketplace.dantezmbugua hi, my google play store is currently not working on my phone what could be issue kindly assist googleplay. The listed fixes are universal and should work on any Android device irrespective of the Android version.Check your phones date and time settings. Make sure you have a good data connection. Clear the Google Play Store apps data and cache. Chinese Android smartphones do not have a Google Play Store installed in them. There is no single application by Google installed in the phones.Lets have a look at the easiest method first. If this works, its all good otherwise the 2nd method is guaranteed to work. Well, that works for some apps, but the Google Play Store is a system app on your Android device.I change from automatic to CDMA. Once the phone restarted, it opened Google Play Store and I had 32 updated waiting smh. Thank you again. Try restart you Android phone. Dan. Did not work, Motorola XT 1095. Tried everything. Maybe Google changed the way the Play Store works to make sure.I had 2 Google Play services/Apps on my phone and had to clear Cache and Data on both apps. I have a problem in my andriod phone galaxy duos .I am not able to download anything from google play store because it doesnt detect my Mobile.I have also tried through computer but the account says No any device is associated with this It wont work from the Google Play Store app for Android. It just my problem! Thanks ) Flavio Wuensche Feb 22 14 at 19:50.Once Google account has been added and setup on the phone go back to the main screen and open up playstore. Play Store is now displaying all paid apps in So what should I do for the phone state permission, because that may not work on tabletsIs there a way I can check if the device has the ability of a phone?Why does the Google Play store say my Android app is incompatible with my own device? 206. xda-developers General discussion General [Q] Google Play Store Not Working by MarLap2000.Android P May Support Blocking Calls From Unknown, Private, and Pay Phone Numbers. Google Play Store > Menu > my apps games > Gboard The Google keyboard app > Uninstall. After uninstall Gboard keyboard app, reinstall again and check typing to fix Gboard has stopped working on android phone. Google Product Forums > Google Play Help Forum >. Категории: Android : Fix an issue or problem : Other Google Play content Play store, YouTube, Google, gmail now etc apps are not working on both of my devices. Google Play Store is not the only android app market available to smartphone users on the Android platform.NOTE: For this to work, your phone must be rooted. Also I shall in no way be held responsible if your device starts to malfunction after trying this tutorial. Restart the Play Store and try download any app. If this wont work for you then clear data/cache of Google Play Store app and force stop it.With Google Play Store we can easily download apps, games and widgets which makes Android phone a complete smartphone. This video also answers some of the queries below: google play services not working google play stopped working google play store crashing google play storeThis channel is about technology related tips and tricks. You will find tutorials related to computer, iphone and android phones. Phone calls and browser still work, thank goodness. But the kicker is that the deletion has also made the Google Play Store inaccessible.I tried downloading the .apk for Google Play Services for Android 4.4.4 from another site (apk mirror) but that didnt work.

We know that Google Play Store is a place where we can find all kinds of latest and useful Apps for Android phone and tablets. But after installing Google Play Store, some of you are depressed because the app doesnt work. Google play store not work in my hcl me g1 shows the error that unfortunately, google play store has stop working?48 - I cant install google play,google mailand gtalk on my android phone? 58 - How to remove my huawei google android phone unlock pattern without account? Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. How do I upload an Android app on Google play store?Why is Google play services not working on my phone? There are times when the Google Play Store not working on Android properly due to some issues like an error message when downloading apps or random crashing.Related articles more from author. How To Enable or Disable Web and App Activity on Android Phone. Please root your phone and then install the Google play as system app (easier ifGreat, first 2 parts with Google Play and Play services worked. Thanks. N Cloke 10 January 2018 03:41 PM 0.How to fix "Waiting for Wi-Fi" error in Google Play Store? How to remove Google account from Android Google Play Store is probably the only place where you can rely on the latest apps and games for your Android phones and devices.The reason for Google Play not working might be a simple issue or a bigger one but whatever it might be, youll be able to fix it yourself. Fix Google Play Error 500 while downloading Apps from Play Store. 0. How to get rid of com. android.snap error virus?I didnt even know I had a proxy on my wifi, but when I went into the settings on my phone, I disabled the proxy and the playstore worked. 4. Play Store Not Working. 5. Android System UI Stopped.6 Solutions to Fix Error Code 963 on Google Play. Insufficient Storage Available on Android Phone? [Solved]. Google Play Store is a one stop solution to all the apps you ever wish to download on your Android Phone.Ever wondered if Google Play Store stops to work, what would you do if you wish to download any app? Android phone is having Google play store for downloading apps, games, movies and more. They have really big collection to download.If your internet is not working then you may get this error.