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In particular, I am dressing mason jars in gold glitter. I love the simple, rustic look of a mason jar and I appreciate how functional they are.Below are some tips on how you can Mod Podge and glitter your jars (cups, bowls, picture frames or whatever you want!). Mason Jar Painters Tape Glitter Mod Podge Acrylic Paint -Brushes for both the Mod Podge and paint . Here is the glitter I used. I decided on an extra fine glitter because I thought it would cover better. Mason jar(s). Metallic Spray Paint (your color of choice). Mod Podge.This will ensure that the glitter will stay on the jar. This will take a while to dry, so be patient! Finally, use anything you want to fill the mason jars with. Magical Glittered Mason Jar With Light.Glittered Mason Jar Heart Mug for Valentines Day using Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge. How to prevent glitter from falling off just about anything — purses, shoes, decorations, or beauty product packaging!Try Sparkle Mod Podge to prevent glitter from falling off your things.DIY Glitter Mason Jars decor fun glitter diy crafts do it yourself easy mason jars. These Glitter Mason Jars are perfect for sprucing up your office, adding charm to your wedding or st.These Gold Glitter Mason Jars are made with spraypaint, Mod Podge, and gold glitter.

They make great. Mod Podge Techniques: New Ideas to Try! Including Glitter Glue that Will Not Flake Off.mpg - Duration: 12:13.Glitter Mason Jars - Duration: 11:30. neatandtangled 25,743 views. 3) Use paint sponge to apply Mod Podge glue in sections underneath the tape, covering with glitter along the way.6) You now have a glitzy, glitter mason jar that you can arrange in any way you please. I usually keep all of my pens and such in a drawer in my desk, but these were so cute I had to display them! I couldnt find a cup that I liked, so I decided to take on this mason jar craft I had seen on Pinterest. I started with Mod Podge and glitter (my craft essentials). Make your own glitter slime with only three ingredients, in less than 10 minutes, and turn it into a cool Halloween craft in eyeball mason jars!I applied the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic just on my eyeball design, just out to the white areas. Four Methods:Getting Started Using Mod Podge on Paper, Fabric, and Flat Surfaces Using Mod Podge to Tint Mason Jars Using Mod Podge to Apply Glitter, Sand, or Epsom Salts Community QA. Oh Jen, your jars are adorable.

I seen another tutorial on these and the girl used Mod Podge and did all sorts of designs.These are soooooo stinkin cute! I can not wait to make some. Combining all of my favorites, mason jars, glitter and candles whooo hoooo. Mod Podge Glitter Mason Jars | Elizabethology. 3264 x 2448 jpeg 2394kB. Jar with Mod Podge and Glitter - One Artsy Mama. 686 x 996 jpeg 136kB. Red with glitter??!!photo copy cat challenge Mason jars Master bathroom Master bathroom refreshed 2013 Master Bedroom menopause Mesh Christmas wreath Mod Podge Mod Podge Project MODGE PODGE project MODPODGE project No sew curtains No sew pillows noads Office/loft area You are here: Home DIY and Crafts DIY-Mason jar Christmas display.Glue jar to candlestick. Sooo cute! is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. Glitter, gold, mason jar and flowers. These mason jar vases are so pretty for the Christmas decorations.To make these adorable mason jars, you need metallic glass paint, snowflake stencils, a paint dauber, Mod Podge, foam brush, tea lights and salt. You also need Gold glitter, Mod Podge, Foam Brush, Shellac Sealer spray. You can also color your mason jars in a different color. And one more thing, you can also put the tealights in it and make a beautiful lantern, that can even be used for Christmas decoration. Mod podge glitter. HOW TO: Add Glitter To Anything Without It Falling Off!Spray Glitter Glitter Mason Jars Diy Mod Podge Glitter Letters My World Fun Crafts How To Make Glitter Glitter Projects Art Projects. Glitter (Again, these glitter mason jars are totally customizable use any color you want).I felt a ribbon bow added something extra.) Step One: Pour about a half-inch to an inch worth of Mod Podge into the bottom of your mason jar. Glitter Fall Decor Diy Glitter Jar Modge Podge Glitter Glittered Mason Jars Mason Jar Crafts How To Mod Podge Mod Podge Glass Modge Podge Table Pots Dcores.DIY Wedding Shower Glitter Mason Jar Vases for cotton swabs and makeup remover pads. Glitter never really, truly goes away, does it? But these mason jar heart votives turned out so cute. Definitely worth glittergeddon!I left the painters tape heart on the jar when I applied the Mod Podge and glitter. Mod Podge Glitter Mason Jars | Elizabethology - Find more posters in the glitter mason jar tutorial. I wasnt a fan of the spray adhesive, it never really dries, it can also come out clumpy, and the over spray sticky mess it makes! I saw a Christmas mason jar decoration.paint the inside with a thin coat of Mod Podge (found at walmart or any craft shop) and while the Mod Podge is still wet add whatever glitter you would like on the inside glass, shake it to cover all the sides and discard the excess. You dont need to use mason jars specifically, and old clean and dry jelly jar will do just fine.Blue glitter could become your sky background. One paint brush is used for painting the Mod Podge and one is used for removing glitter.

Since Halloween is one of our favorite holidays we decided to make a couple Halloween Glitter Mason Jar Candles for around the house.Do the same for the top of the jar. Once both layers have sat for about 15 minutes put another coat of Mod Podge over the glitter to ensure it seals. Play and Listen easy diy glitter mason jars i got all my supplies at michaels what you will need mason jars glitter fine glitter spray paint i got mini ones mod podge paper and tape paint brushes DIY Pinterest Glitter Mason Jars Mp3. This project is so simple it shouldnt take you no longer then 10 minutes and you most likely have all the supplies. You need three simple supplies: Glitter (any color) (extra fine) Glossy Mod Podge Mason Jars. Mason jars are trendy and inexpensive decor options to hold flowers, photo booth props, table numbers, bouquets, or any other decoration youPaint the bottom portion of the jar with Mod Podge and quickly sprinkle/pour the glitter over the wet areas (over a paper plate, box, tray, etc.), turning the Sip your drinks in style with these DIY Glitter Mason Jars! Receive my FREE 21 RECIPE SMOOTHIE BOOK when you sign up for my blog email list: Spray glitter or mod podge? People who have tried spray glitter ran into issues such as a clogged spray nozzle, over spraying, and resulting in a sticky mason jar. I didnt find too many issues with using mod podge. Mod Podge Podgeable Glitters, Mod Podge Rocks! Peel Stick Stencils - Dot Pattern, Mason jar, Rubbing alcohol, Stencil tape, Spouncer, flat brush, 4 flat brush, Photo copied image, High temp hot glue gun. Valentine Glitter Votives Mason Jar Crafts Love. Stenciled Jar With Mod Podge And Glitter Amy Latta Creations. How To Glitter Mason Jars In 30 Minutes Or Less. Diy Glitter Mason Jar Tutorial Ka Styles. Three mason jars. Three pillar candles. Three different colours of glitter (I used dark purple, light purple and silver). Acrylic paint (I used Americana Chalk paint in Sheepskin, which has a beautiful super flat finish). Foam brushes. Mod Podge. DIY Glitter Mason Jars. Let me know if youd like to see more DIY/craft videos and/or have any suggestions!TattooedAussieChick. Ill never understand why people say Modge Podge when it clearly says MOD Podge on the jar. I wanted to keep them though to use as lanterns for extra lighting at night. My solution: Bling Em Out. Now, I have sparkly glitter mason jars.They are here.) Glitter. Mod Podge. Foam Brush. FrogTape. Step 1: Before starting the glittering process, I spray painted the handles of my jars gold. Step 1: Spray paint your mason jars white. I did two coats. Step 2: Mix together a small amount of color with some Mod Podge in a bowl.Cover your jars in a thin coat of this colored Mod Podge and then cover it in a lot of fine glitter. Diy Glitter Mason Jars Modge Podge. Mason Jar Christmas Ideas Pinterest.Fabric With Modge Podge On Glass. Jar Doilies On Them With. Apply Lace To Glass Jar. Mod Podge Photos Onto Canvas. Repeat with all the jars, then let dry. Remove excess glitter using the paintbrush (lightly brush it away). Replace the lids on your jars and cut bakers twine to wrap around each lid.Looking for more Mod Podge mason jar crafts? Click on the image below! Some of you have been asking me where I got the glittery mason jars from my craft fair display. I made them, and it was so easy! I grabbed a few jars from my canning stash, some Glossy Mod Podge Instead of regular vases, we went with mason jars because they come in all different sizes are reasonably priced! Ive made glitter vases before for my sisters weddingLay down some newspaper or garbage bags and coat your mason jar with Mod Podge on the area you want to put glitter on. DIY Glitter Mason Jars. Let me know if youd like to see more DIY/craft videos and/or have any suggestions!Tammy Williams: cant you use glitter glue instead of mod podge? Kelly Landis: I just made a glitter mason jar video too! Hey, friends! Today Im excited to share with you a project that combines two of my favorite things, glitter and Mod Podge! Add in a mason jar, and Im one happy girl! I like to store my many rolls of washi tape in jars in my craft area Glitter mason jars or adding glitter to a frame, a nic nac, burned out candle jar, wood, and so much more is pretty easy. .have also used gloss Modge Podge for a top coat, works well and non toxic. Related: 25 Spray Painting Tips. The finished jar. Perfect teen or tween gift. Kreating with Keisha DIY Glitter Mason Jars Tools used: SpongeMod Podge Techniques: New Ideas to Try! Including Glitter Glue that Will Not Flake Off.mpg. The instructions below call for matte Mod Podge, and I encourage you to spring for this specific material when youre making these glitter mason jars. Normally I recommend watered down glue as a sub for proper Mod Podge, but when youre gluing to glass Step five: Once your glitter is completely dry, put a coat of Mod Podge Gloss over the glitter and allow to dry. This will keep a minimum amount of glitter from rubbing off as you handle the glitter mason jars. Mod Podge Mason Jar Crafts Ideas Mason Jar Mod Podge Storage - Craft Weekly 500 x 500 198 kB jpeg Source.Mod Podge and Glitter Mason Jars Decoupage - Mod Podge Rocks! Take the container of glitter and spray on the mod podge while it is still wet. Perform this step on the paper plate to keep it neat.Some More Fun Ideas of Glitter Mason Jars. You can make brilliant glow in the dark mason jars with glitter for Halloween. Hi Great looking jars I only had Matt mod podge and gel colouring and got no where near the look you got.Pingback: 140 Diy Mason Jar Crafts, Lights, Storage, Vases, Glitter | Rilane - We Aspire to Inspire. A glittery mason jar that is just the right amount of glitter!You can find them here:Jarden Home Brands 4Pk 16Oz Platinum Jars 1440061180 Canning Jars. Here is the Glitter Mod Podge: Mod Podge CS15066 8-Ounce, Extreme Glitz.