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New York.The unemployment rates on this map are for July 2014 and were released on August 18, 2014. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Rank. The unemployment rate is the share of the labor force that is jobless, expressed as a percentage.In the U.S the U3 or U-3 rate, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS) releases as part of its monthly employment situation report, is the most commonly cited national rate. Could unemployment really be as high as 42? To answer this question we have to look at how the Bureau of Labor (BLS) statistics measures unemployment.Heres how The New York Times calculates a potential unemployment rate of over 12 With a jobless rate that closely mirrors the average US unemployment rate, New York Citys employment numbers are solidly average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS.) New York Citys unemployment rate in December 2014 was 6.2 percent Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Unemployment - The Australian dollar edged higher against its U.S.

counterpart on Monday, while the New Zealand dollar held steady as Fridays upbeat U.S. employment data continued to lend support to Unemployment rateSource: Labour: Labour market statistics.Unemployment rate is the number of unemployed people as a percentage of the labour force, where the latter consists of the unemployed plus those in paid or self-employment. Amazon kitchen and dining deals. New year, new savings.What is the real unemployment rate today? Do people on welfare count toward unemployment rate? How do discouraged workers affect the unemployment rate? Last updated: 2 years ago | Data: US Bureau of Labor Statistics. US unemployment rate stood at a 17-year low of 4.1 percent in January 2018, unchanged from the previous month and in line with market consensus.

North Korea Norway Oman Pakistan Palau Panama Palestine Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar The U.S. unemployment rate rose slightly to 7.3 in October in large part to the government shutdown, while businesses continue to hold back on hiring new workers.One World Trade Center, 285 Fulton Street, 82nd Floor, New York, NY 10007. Alternative Measures of Labor Underutilization for States NEW.Unemployment rates were higher in March than a year earlier in all 372 metropolitan areas.Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment (HTML) (PDF). Subscribe to the BLS News Service— receive BLS economic news Local Area Unemployment Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Units: Unemployed percentage of the labor force. Additional dataNew York. Germany Unemployment Rate Historical Data. View and export this data going back to 1991.States California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, View All. Sources ADP, BLS, EIA, ECB, Eurostat, Federal Reserve, SP, World Bank, View All. New York States unemployment rate fell over the month, from 4.7 to 4.6. This was due, in part, to a decrease in the number of unemployed.More detailed information on the change is available on the BLS web site. Many economic data series have a seasonal pattern, which means they tend to US Unemployment Rate table by month, historic, and current data.Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics — here. NOTE: Unemployment rate is not seasonally adjusted. Data for May 2012 is preliminary. SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics GRAPHIC: Kat Downs, Mary Kate Cannistra and Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso - The Washington Post. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which reports current long-term unemployment rate at 1.9 percent, defines this asThe Depression of 187379: New York City police violently attacking unemployed workers in Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan, New York City 1874. And this is the BLS official announcement: Regional and state unemployment rates were generally lower in November.The largest statistically significant job losses occurred in California (-617,600), Florida (-284,800), Texas (-271,700), Illinois (-250,400), Michigan (-240,200), and New York (-210,500). The Department of Labor has proposed rulemaking on employee scheduling. What is the current unemployment rate in New York State?New York City Economic Summary. Unemployment rates. US employment statistics (unemployment rate and monthly changes in net employment), 20092016[1][2]. The rate of U.S. unemployment under various definitions.New York Times. "BLS-The Role of Foreign Born Workers-May 2002" (PDF). The state unemployment rates for people with a disability and no disability are estimates based on data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).New York. NEW YORK -- The state, and particularly the city, of New York may be doing well compared to the rest of the country, but nearly two years after the Great Recession technically ended, the jobs market is still miserable. The states official July 2011 unemployment rate of 8 percent For example, BLS reported for December 2012 that: "Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 155,000 in December, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 7.8 percentEmployment increased inThe New York Times. "Bureau of Labor Statistics-Employment Situation Summary-June 2014". New unemployment rate data entries reported in national labour force surveys: Overall, the TEM November 2015(New York, W.W. Norton Company, Inc.). International Labour Office (ILO). 2009. The informal economy in Africa: Promoting transition to formality: Challenges and strategies (Geneva). When there is an economic downturn, it usually takes several months before the unemployment rate begins to rise. Once the economy starts to pick up again, employers usually remain cautious about hiring new staff and it may take several months before unemployment rates start to fall. The Employment Report put out monthly by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is one of the most-watched indicators of the state of the United States economy, headed by one statistic: the unemployment rate.New York Times. Economy Statistics > Unemployment rate (most recent) by state.Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico Nevada New York Ohio Oklahoma OregonThis data should be updated - it a great website but the UE rate is from 2006 - that is absurd the BLS has monthly data and it is free. NEW YORK The real unemployment rate for December 2012 is closer to 23 percent, not the 7.8 percent reported by the Bureau of Labor StatisticsFor instance, in Table A-15, titled Alternative measures of labor underutilization, the BLS reports what is known as U6 unemployment. The unemployment rate is reported by the BLS on the first Friday of each month.The recession may have caused a new natural rate of unemployment because of all the long-term unemployed.

150,000 Jobs Per Month" at a New York Times blog in Feb of 2012, said: "Heres a spoiler: reports that say more than 150,000 jobs have been created"The August-to-September change in the headline unemployment rate almost certainly was not a 0.3 decline. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) EDIT LINE 1. (a) Unemployment Rate in New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA (MSA), Percent, Not Seasonally Adjusted (NEWY636URN). Both the unemployment rate (5.8 percent) and the number of unemployed persons (9.0 million) edged down in October.Phillipa Leighton-Jones European Editor. Erik Holm Deputy Editor. Maureen Farrell Reporter, New York. New York State Unemployment Rate, unemployment rate in New York City, and state economic trends by county.U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics | New York-New Jersey Information Office, Suite 808, 201 Varick Street According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provisional estimates, in July 2003 the seasonally adjusted civilian labor force in New York numbered 9,365,400, with approximately 571,600 workers unemployed, yielding an unemployment rate of 6.1, compared to the national average of The New York Times. Economy|Wages Rise as U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls Below 5.Continue reading the main story. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Is the American worker finally getting a raise? US Metro Unemployment Rate. Bureau of Labor Statistics: October 2014. Houston Metro gained 120,600 jobs, following New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island Metro (123,900 jobs). And the Empire States unemployment rate of 7.1 percent isnt pretty either. In a blunt admission of the sorry state of New Yorks jobs-challenged economy, a just released Labor Department report notes the persistence of a higher unemployment rate in the city Unemployment Rates for States, Seasonally Adjusted. State. December 2017(p) rate. Rank.New York. 4.6. From the BLS: Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary.South Dakota and New Hampshire had the lowest jobless rates in June, 2.7 percent and 2.8 percent, respectively. Alaska had the highest unemployment rate, 6.7 percent. emphasis added. The U.S. U-3 unemployment rate is the "official" unemployment rate and is just one of many measures of the employment situation within the United States. This closely followed statistic is released monthly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which reports current long-term unemployment rate at 1.9 percent, defines this asThe Depression of 187379: New York City police violently attacking unemployed workers in Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan, New York City 1874. Long-term unemployment rates New Zealand 2000-2016. U.S. employers covered by the FMLA offering less than12 weeks of leave, 2005-2014.Prices do not include sales tax (New York residents only). New York Post.Each month, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics boils the state of the job market down to a single number: the official unemployment rate. According to the BLS current population survey (CPS), the unemployment rate for New York fell 0.1 percentage points in December 2017 to 4.6. The state unemployment rate was 0.5 percentage points higher than the national rate for the month. Additional insights emerge from analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data on the labor force.As shown, leading into the recession, New Yorks unemployment rate was not significantly different than the national rate. The level and rate of UK unemployment measured by the Labour Force Survey (LFS) using a definition of unemployment specified by the International Labour Organisation.These new headline rates for those aged from 16 to 64 are shown in Table A02 NSA. With a jobless rate that closely mirrors the average US unemployment rate, New York Citys employment numbers are solidly average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS.) New York State Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance. Be sure to use your correct mailing address when filing (you will be receiving necessary documentation and claimant information).New York State Unemployment Rates. State Comparisions (Choose). The unemployment rate in New York declined from 7.4 percent in October 2013 to 6.0 percent in October 2014. This is above the national average of 5.8 percent for the same time period. (Source: BLS). Unemployment Rates by State. Posted January 23, 2018 by Joshua M Brown. BLS is out with some state specific data on the employment situation that I found interesting.Joshua M. Brown. Im a New York City-based financial advisor at Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC.