javascript iframe load event





some code after iframe has been loaded . Hope this helps.Use the page body onunload event in the page contained in the IFRAME (something like window.parent.functionname() to get at your parent frame). I have a iframe thats being inserted with.ajax()and I want to do some stuff after the contents from the iframe are completely loadedusing setTimeout synchronously in JavaScript. How do I determine whether a page is secure via JavaScript? [duplicate]. We create a JavaScript function in the iframe that loads up the script that we need, and then write HTML that runs this JavaScript on the iframes onload event.The method has been called FIF, which stands for either Friendly IFrame, or Frame In Frame. And again, this will only work if the frameB iframe element has loaded (or atleast gotten to the document.ready event) so you can select its elements. So I decided to fire the onload event of the