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PHP - Date Time Functions. Advertisements. Previous Page.27. strftime(). Formats a local time/date according to locale settings. Above function may solve your issue with month names returned by the PHP date() function but produces much bigger and sometimes hidden problems.category : format of the date you want locale : Here you require to pass timestamp so if you have date pass date with strtotime. This function will return the correct date and time in the locale of your choice, in the default representation. exampleI saw issues with locale settings this one works on php-apache-windows and cobalt-apache servers php -r setlocale(LCALL, "ru") echo date("F", time()), "n" prints "June" in English despite of the fact that I have set Russian locale. Why does it not work as I need (with Russian month names) answer 1 >>---Accepted---Accepted---Accepted---. You will need to use. The PHP function strftime() formats a date/time value according to the sytems locale, for example, to the web servers local settings.However, this can be overridden using setlocale(). Localizing Dates Using strftime(). When printing a date should PHP output Monday or Montag? All of these considerations are locale specific and they map to a geographical area. Various cultures have their own standards for displaying this kind of information not to mention different languages to accommodate.

setlocale. Set locale information (PHP 4, PHP 5).smartyfunctionhtmlselectdate) for more examples about this function, you can visit my phpin all lowercase :( Note: export LCALLswedish made a lot of programs swedish for me, its also possible to make them russian or japanese ?> Note:The PHP date() function return the current date and time according to the built-in clock of the web server on which the script has been executed. Formatting the Dates and Times with PHP. The format parameter of the date Well, you want dates in Russian, youve set the locale for time-related functions to ruRU, so thats basically it.with strftime() LCMESSAGES for system responses (available if PHP was compiled with libintl) Also look at this quote from manual: Returns the new current locale, or FALSE if the locale Included locales. Note, Common locale files reside in the scheduler/sources/ locale/ folder.Russian.scheduler.locale date public function getPublishedAtAttribute(date) . return new Date(date) That way your timestamps will localized to the locale key defined in the config/app.php file.Well i cant figure why formatLocalize() returns me still english localized date For russian locale in most cases universal will

utf8" can then be used in PHP5 after restarting Apache. For setting Finnish timezone and locale in PHP use:

date russian php. One of the things I wanted to cover in PHP 6 was locale-aware date and time formatting, as part of the goal of PHP 6 was to recognize the more global Web environment. Even though PHP 6 was shelved, the key components have since been integrated into PHP 5.2, 5.3, and the forthcoming 5.4.that makes use of strftime() to produce localized results related to date and time.For example, there are two Russian locales that FireFox in CentOS 7The php script creates an XML file that is then translated via XSLT into another XML format. This script demonstrates the supported locales of this server - fetched using listsystem locales().Examples of PHP date formats. Display images on a Drupal site. Bytes and megabytes conversion calculator. PHP Code: printr(setlocale(LCALL, russian)) prints CP1251 and function strftime generatesDevshed Supreme Being (6500 posts). Join Date. Mar 2007. Location. Washington, USA.UTF-8 is a text encoding, not a locale. I think youd have to use something like " russian.utf8" to get both. Local Date Display is a simple PHP script that ensures you can display the local time and/or date, even when your web server is located in a different time zone to the date and/or time you want to display. Ideal in situations such as virtual web hosting. formatting suchg a splitted date into another format can then be done like: function formatDate(splittedDate, locale) result thisYeah, I know I can do what you suggest, its more the fact of having to specify the format for all possible locales which seems to be a huge hole in php. On the Russian AMO version I see dates like "Января 5, 2007" - thats the American date format, it doesnt make sense for Russian. Correct one should be "5 января 2007". That means that /app/ locale/ru/LCMESSAGES/messages.po should read: date format string as used in PHPs It takes the name of a given locale and performs time and date manipulation operations assuming dates formatted for that locale. The class provides localized versions of functions equivalent to PHP strtotime, gmdate, date and getdate. getlastmod() - Gets time of last page modification. mktime() - Get Unix timestamp for a date. strftime() - Format a local time/date according to locale settings.ddd888 at mail333 dot com 08-Jul-2009 02:56. Slightly modified earlier written function for formatting date in russian. get(ZendDate::WEEKDAYSHORT, new Zend Locale(en)) The code above is getting the textual representation of the weekday, in english.