my virgin mobile has no service





Below we have shared some short codes for you so that you can easily check your account balance or make a payment by dialing these short codes from your Virgin Mobile phone. For complete customer care details, go through the underneath section of this web page. Virgin Mobile Customer Service Virgin Mobile My Account on the App Store. Does not work at all. This app has been a total waste of time.2002 Virgin Mobile USA, L.P. All Rights Reserved. Log in to My Account service should feel this good. Virgin Mobile is a wireless communications brand used by eight independent brand-licensees worldwide. Virgin Mobile branded wireless communications services are available in Australia, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Chile, France, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates Virgin Mobile offers prepaid voice and messaging services.Really ANGRY paying for a service to have no service. They need to be disabled for a day to understand how trapped you all have made me feel. Virgin Mobile useful information: SMS Service Centre numberYou can email Virgin Mobile via the Contact us link at mobile/.GPRS and 3G allows for what has become known as an "always on" mobile Internet connection for web surfing and email. source: I have paid my virgin mobile monthly service now i dont have data cant make calls or receive them unfortunately itson service has stopped" keep?- Virgin mobile no service available. What does error 06 07 5135 mean with virgin mobile mean? Get high quality and low-cost postpaid, prepaid and 4G internet plans with our premium mobile services. Visit Virgin Mobile KSA and collect your SIM in seconds.

Treat yourself to our bouquet of must-have offers and deals. MarkMCostello virginmedia hi, virgin mobile uk customer on hols in portugal and have no mobile signal, can you please help?mrjdobie ofcom hi any chance of advice regarding my virgin media service. had an issue since august. A few days later I had a customer service email survey, in responding I was very frank about my opinion of VIRGIN MOBILE unsurprisingly there has been no response so far, and once again they will get away with ripping off another customer. Virgin Mobile customer service is ranked 489 out of the 940 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.72 out of a possible 200 based upon 1361 ratings. Your Account: Hi Voltaire According to our records, your payment arrangement with Virgin Mobile has been not been met. Please pay your outstanding bill immediately or your service will be suspended. To see your bill online at any time, go to and login to My Account. Here at Contact Virgin Media we have put together some great information on the current Virgin Mobile deals and offers. If you like more details to help you get the best phone package, please call a Virgin Mobile Customer Services agent on 0843 515 8680. The customer service for Virgin Mobile can be a hassle at points, but it can also be helpful.

It all depends on who you get on the phone.Have any of you tried Virgin Mobile or are using it right now? How do you like the service and the price? All virgin mobile customers have be sent a new sim as part of the greater service Virgin want to provide . Has anyone got any feedback on it?Poor / intermittent virginmobile connectivity for the last few days. Virgin. : Network Coverage topics. : No Service.No Service. Hi, My phone says searching system for 5 minutes and then goes into power save mode. Ive always had a good signal at this house previously. Virgin Mobile review: My story with this company has many incidents. I was psyched to try Virgin Mobile last year.F u virgin. Insurance not added to my account. Virginmobile canceled my service plan without prior notice. We have used Virgin Mobile service for several years, and had built up a nice cash balance for unused minutes, then when we wanted to pay our monthly bill using the unused minutes balance Virgin Mobile would not let us pay our bill in that fashion Virgin Mobile Contact Phone Customer Service on 0870 062 6713 or call their TelePhone number 0345-454-1111 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. Virgin Mobile has emerged as one of the leading players in the digital technology. Virgin Mobiles 40/month with No Contract has UNLIMITED internet/data! > According to Nielsen, American teens send and receive almost 3See for current official offers. Though we try to keep our website up to date, some information may be obsolete and/or discontinued services. Virgin Mobile Services. Virgin offer both pay as you go and pay monthly tariffs at very reasonable prices. They have a wide range of tariffs on pay monthly and each tariff has a specific range of phones assigned to it from which you can choose. Call your Virgin Mobile customer service representative.Ask them for an unlock code for your mobile phone. If you have completed your service contract, they may give it to you, although they are under no obligation to do so. APPALLING SERVICE I have been a Virgin Media landline and broadband customer for very many years with no complaints. BUT my recent experiences with Virgin Mobile has been shockingly bad. The supplied SIM would not provide a data connection. Mobile Phone Companies. Live help.If you would like to speak to a real person about the above questions or similar questions or issues use our live chat service and if we are not able to help we will have someone call you. Virgin Mobile has been widely used by eight independent brand-licensees globally, and has been identified as one of the Sprints prepaid brands. Dial Virgin Mobile Customer Service Number to get easily connected to customer care executives and discuss your queries and suggestions. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more.Log in to Twitter. Remember me Forgot password? Dont have an account? Sign up ». Close. There were a lot of areas off the beaten path where I had no service at all. On a trip out west I found out that Virgin Mobile has no service in most of South Dakota and most of Wyoming. So I had no cell service for roughly a 500 mile drive. I have been a Virgin mobile customer for over 8 years. I ordered a new phone two years ago and since then, I have had no data.I made the call to virgin mobile to place a complaint, when speaking with the customer service I wa My Virgin Islands has been redesigned and rebuilt line by line! All of your favorite features are coming IOS Mac.IOS Mac. Similarapps is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. DISCLAIMER: My Virgin Mobile is the property and trademark from I currently have an HTC phone on Virgin Mobile, which has given me pretty good service for the monthly rate. I want to upgrade to the iPhone 5s and continue to use Virgin Mobile since it has given me such good service. Virgin Mobile is a telecommunication provider in USA and it offers Voice, messaging and mobile broadband services to its customers.If a Virgin Mobile tower in your region got down then you have nothing to do with it expect waiting for Virgin Mobile engineers until they fix the issue so that your Support Contact: Virgin Mobile Phone Number Look Up. What is the 1-800 number for Virgin Mobile? Below is a list of toll free 800 numbers forVirgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile Customer Service / Support: 1-888-322-1122. Virgin Mobile customers enjoying their summer hols have been perturbed to discover their data roaming isnt working on the continent.How to complain about Virgin Mobile customer service. My service provider stopped providing service to my area about 2 weeks ago and has yet to fix the problem. Ive called them once a week since I noticed the problem.Other than a lack of customer service options (email would be nice) I have had no other problems with Virgin Mobile until now. The customer relations department of Virgin Mobile USA has an address listed in the Privacy Policy. Customers who need to resolve a problem with a plan or phone should not send communication to this department. Customer service or your local Virgin Mobile store is the best place to get the service Have some questions about Virgin Mobile UAE? Visit our Help section where you can find and search our most Frequently Asked Questions.How do I get the best prices with Virgin Mobile? I dont want to Boost and my plan is at zero. Can I still use my service? The mobile service seems to be having issues this morning in the UK.Robert Schonau. My internet on my virgin mobile has been playing up for 4 days now. Its suddenly really slow If you have more than one account for a service with Virgin Media, such as a fixed services (Broadband/TV/Home Phone) account and a Virgin MobileIf you want to make the most of all Virgin Media has to offer, adding your Mobile to the Fixed My Virgin Mobile Account is a brilliant way to do it. Virgin Mobile has a rating of 1.76 based upon 41 reviews. Get much more information including the actual reviews and ratings that combined to make up the overall score listed above. Our reviewers have graded Virgin Mobile based upon the following criteria: Customer Service [37 ratings]. This whole experience has got me looking at a new carrier with competent and direct Virgin Mobile customer service staff that have a level of confidence in their voices when asked simple questions. Virgin Mobile has eight global independent licenses.No phone now after activating a new one on virgin mobile, cant use old one now. How the hell can you not have access to customer service or email the problem, or chat with someone to fix this. Whats really weird is I have not had not 1 call drop when I call anyone else except for when I call Virgin Mobile customer service!!! Figure that one out!!????? The phone showing with Full bars and 3G flashing Ive been a Virgin Mobile customer for going on 15 years now (I think my service has gone up by (maybe) 5.00 in those 17 years) and will stay with them until Im so old I forget how to use a phone. No service on my mobile but daughter has service both on virgin any help? In DD4 area. Free: skip the wait and have Virgin Mobile call you insteadCurrent hold timeUnfortunately, Virgin Mobile does not offer live chat as a channel for customer service at this Do you have airplane mode on, have you tried ringing someone, have you moved around, do you have Virgin as a carrier selected in your phones setting and is there a fault or damage in your phone or SIM card or are any settings wrong. : Plans Services Archive. : Can I keep my Virgin Mobile number?I Had A Similar Issue Like That In Late 2014.I Was Sadly Leaving VirginMobileTrying To Port My Number To BoostMobileBut A Rep Told Me I Would Need My Account Number From VirginMobileAs Well As The 4 Digit Account service should feel this good. Highest in Customer Service and Purchase Experience Satisfaction among Wireless Providers.login to my account. 10-digit Virgin Mobile number or username. Virin Mobile offers mobile phone and mobile internet service. Virgin Mobile also operates the payLo and Assurance Wireless brands.Sr345A anyone having problem in uk with virginmobile pay monthly phone saying run out of credit?! tried customer service, useless.

If you want to cancel your Virgin Mobile services, call the company and work with an adviser to delete your account.Since all of Virgin Mobile plans have no contract, the company lets accounts automatically expire from inactivity. So, I wanted to run T-Mobiles services on my Virgin F3, crazy right?? Not so much.I only owned it for a month. Its in perfect working condition, has no noticeable flaws.Model sph-L710.