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LO is 9 weeks old and hes a great sleeper but Im a little worried he may be sleeping too much. His pediatrician isnt worried and said some babies sleep more than others and i read something that said up to 3 months old, babies need 15-17 hours of sleep. For the first 3 months of his life he basically woke to be fed, have his nappy changed and went back to sleep. He did start to wake up more and take interestToo much sleep that is really unusual for your baby is almost always associated with illness so if your little one is feeding well, looks happy and alert What is too much sleep? When your baby is sleeping 13-15 hours per day, this is within normal ranges for a very long time.At the age of 12 months, your baby needs about 14-15 hours of sleep per day, so depending on how long his naps are, it sounds like he is not getting too much sleep. Young infants (newborns, between 0 and 2 months) will typically wake every 2 to 3 hours for a feeding, with maybe one stretch of 4 hours of sleep hopefully at night.If you are concerned that your baby is sleeping too much, talk to your babys doctor or healthcare provider. By about nine months, not only is everyone starting to get more sleep at night, your baby may only be napping once in the early afternoon. It is important that you find the best time for your baby to nap. If the nap is too early, they will probably be cranky by bedtime. The main concern about a baby who sleeps too much, either in daytime or nighttime, is the potential for weight loss. This can occur because a 2-month-olds stomach cannot hold much breast milk or formula. That is, is there ever a time when your baby is sleeping too much? I know that might sound crazy especially if youve had months or even years of broken sleep and half an hour naps might seem like a fantasy. I am a bit worried as I read that an 8 month old baby should only be sleeping 14 hours a day but Daniel seems to be sleeping much more.I like it that way, her naps are spaced out and shes not too restless at night. Is It Normal For Babies To Sleep All Day Finding Support Sleeping problems are easier to tackle when you feel supported in your choices. Most parents start by talking to My 3 month old baby is breastfeed and she slept 8 hours through the night starting in her second week (that was scary to some ppl but not to my pedi - if healthy and growing they dont want to interfere).

And if the baby sleeps properly, this wont be the problem. For the baby to set a routine of its own, it takes about 6 odd months at the least. If your baby is gaining the right weight yet sleeping too much, just relax. Sleep Becomes More Adult-Like: As a newborn your baby goes into deep sleep almost immediately.Still at 4 months your baby cant handle too much awake time before becoming overtired. By 3 months of age, most babies are sleeping about 14 hours out of each 24 hour period, and this usually consists of 2 to 3 naps during the day and then a period of sleeping through the night.Is Your Baby Sleeping Too Much? When she made two months she started having IS but I did not recognize them until she started also to have seizures.When i metioned that my baby sleeps too mutch to our neurologist he just shrugs, saying that it is normal for some babies to sleep too much. Until recently he used to have a nap at 9 am for about 75 minutes and then another nap at 2pm for show more Im probably just being a paranoid first time mum hereBut I am a bit concerned about my babys sleeping patterns. He is 11 months old and usually sleeps for 12 hours solid at night, getting If you baby isnt, theres a good chance she is sleep deprived. Time to get on the sleep train! If you baby is under 3 months of age, check out the newborn sleep guide.Too much sleep in the day does happen sometimes though, and the result can be less sleep at night. If youre worried, the most frequent causes of sleeping TOO much are sleep apnea and things like celiac disease that hinder your childs ability to absorb nutrients. Both of which are totally manageable conditions.

But if your baby is over 3 months old and seems to sleep far more than what is Baby Who Sleeps Well My two girls were both in the category of a baby who slept well at 3 months old.his naps to make sure hes not sleeping too much during the day (not more than 4 hours, usually). "Most newborn babies sleep about 16 to 20 hours per day (ie, more asleep than they are awake) and by a few weeks of age they already tend to sleep more at night than in the day.My 2-Month-Old Sleeps Too Much During the Day. Baby sleeping too much? posted 1 year ago in Babies.Something that just concerns me is how much she sleeps. Thankfully at 1 1/ 2 months, she was sleeping through the night and has continued to do so. As your child gets older, youll likely never again ask the question: Is my baby sleeping too much?9 months: 11 hours of sleep at night 2 naps totaling 3 hours 14 hours sleep total. The regular progression of sleep in babies goes from a lot - newborn, infant - to diminishing sleep as baby becomes more aware/awake/active as time goes by. If you are concerned with the sleep schedule, and if your child is not simply sleeping a lot but displays signs of lethargy Oct 31, 2017 Plainview, NY Sleep, Babies. Does anyone have baby that sleeps too much?Ive heard of he 8,9,10 month sleep regression My girlfriends 35 mo old son has a big boy bed that hes slept in for a couple months, but lately he has been wanting to sleep on his blanky bed. Its a problem if the baby either sleeps too less or too much because you tend to become tired and worried.You should awaken your newborn every 3 to 4 hours until their weight gain is established. By 1- 2 month of age the infant sleeps 12 to 16 hours a day. Sleep Schedule Changes. Can a Baby Sleep Too Much?My 8 month old is suddenly sleeping alotmore than usual. I dont want to sound ungrateful for having a baby who sleeps:) but I also dont want to blow it off if its not normal! Definitely check out the 4 months sleep dip part, because you can prevent the retrogression. For most babies though, 1, 2 or 3 night feedings are still quite normal and simply necessary, definitely between 1 and 4 months old. That is both for healthy digestion (by allowing regular not-too -large This decreases slowly but steadily by six months, its probably around 16 hours a day, and by 12 months, your baby likely sleeps about 12 hours between overnights and 1-2 naps. Dont worry if you feel like your baby is sleeping too much! 2 month old baby sleeping 10 hours at night.My baby is 6 mo is there such thing as sleeping too much during the night? She sleeps 12 hrs but lately her day time naps have been shorter Q: My 3 month old son slept 14 hours last night (with two quick night feeds) and Im readingHis bedtime is super early, 6-6:30 because he wasnt sleeping well as a newborn and this helped tremendously but now I think hes sleeping too much atTeach Your Baby to Sleep (In Just 7 Days). Why is my 3 week old baby sleeping a lot? How old is too old to have a baby?Why does my 2-month-old baby drool so much? Is this normal? Its Greta, from My Baby Can Sleep. Today, were answering the question of one month old sleep. How much they should be getting.Yes, sleep training your three month old. Is three months too early to sleep train? Does My Baby Sleep Too Much? Some babies are better sleepers than others.A sleepy baby doesnt have these issues, but can make parents antsy by sleeping too soundly. It takes at least six months for a baby to establish their own circadian rhythm. And while it may take months or years (or many years) of being able to conk out and wake up 8 uninterrupted hours later, the truth is your baby will learn to sleep through the night (and you will too).Heres how much a baby usually sleeps in the first year of life What is normal infant sleep over the first two months?Although newborns may be too young to immediately pick up on the signals, setting up a nightly routine has been shown to pay offMake sure baby gets an adequate amount of sleep during the day and he will have a more restful nighttime sleep. The Baby Sleep Site recommends that if your baby reaches six months of age and still hasnt progressed to sleeping less, check with your pediatrician.Babies who sleep too much tend to eat less and have a drop in weight. Does my 10 week old baby sleep too much? A: No, shes not sleeping too much. Heck my five month olds sleep more than that LOL. They were sleeping significantly longer than yout LO at 2 1/ 2 months old. Some kids just like to sleep. Its a good thing! While I agree that for a healthy 4 month old gaining well long stretches of sleep are fine, for younger, small babiesbut if in anyway there is a little nagging voice saying hang on this baby is sleeping way too much/more than they used to etc then make a fuss and get seen. an overly sleepy baby is often Third Month.What do I do if my baby sleeps too much? My baby is 3 weeks old, and I have to wake him up to feed him every 4 1/ 2 hours. Is this normal? The Baby Sleep Site noted that at six months or older, babies should no longer be sleeping like newborns (only awake during the day for an hour or so at a time.) This can signal a medical condition and warrants a visit to the doctor. Babies grow and their brains develop the most when they sleep.Hes 7 1/2 months now and he still sleeps from about 8-7:30 ish in the morning and still takes 2 2-3 hour naps. I hear this will stop at some point, but hes been a crazy sleeper him whole life, so far. Choose your babys age in months and the gauge will display the average time a baby at that age sleeps in 24 hours. (Night sleep naps).Is my baby sleeping too much? If your baby sleeps more than the average, then you are doing a good job. Our baby ( she will be 4 months this week) wont sleep more than 45 mins at naptime.Could this be a sleep regression or am I forcing her to sleep too much in the daytime and I should go back to letting her catnap? Can Your Baby Sleep Too Much? Sleep is important for a babys physical, mental and emotional growth.If your baby (6 month and older) is still having a sleep pattern like a newborn, parents are advised to seek consultancy from a doctor. What Could Happen If She Sleeps Too Much? If around the age of four months you start thinking your baby is sleeping a bit too much, it might mean that theyre just extra tired, but this is a time referred to as the four month sleep regression, and their sleep schedule begins to change drastically. Special way to make your baby sleep. by: Anonymous. I have a 9 month old baby too.My second baby (9mths old) is a much better sleeper and only wakes a couple of times a night. Its his nature nothing I have done. I too bed share with him as its wonderful and gives him all the closeness and Will too much sleep prevent a healthy sleep pattern? As a baby grows and develops, the amount of sleep they require should decrease accordingly. Whereas a 2 month old baby takes around four naps a day, a one-year old might only take two. By 3 months your baby is hopefully in a more predictable rhythm to their day with a combined total of around 3.5 nap hours. If your baby is having greatly more or less sleep than this, it can cause night waking as your baby will either be under tired (from having had too much day sleep) File :1month old baby sleep too much.

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