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iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo FIX (no computer and no restore) - Duration: 4:28. masked moron 582,357 views.Iphone Wont Start Blue Screen Fixes and Solutions - Duration: 3:07. Phones and Tablets. iPhone 5S Stuck on apple logo/ black screen.Dark Rock Pro 3, Motherboard: MSI Z170a KRAIT GAMING, RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Series 4x4gb DDR4-2666 MHz, Storage: SanDisk SSD Plus 240gb Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200 RPM, Video Card: EVGA GTX 970 SSC Apple Inc. Products. iPhone 5s Blue Screen Problem Repair Solution.If all of the above already been done but still the problem still exists, you may then used tjis solution below for hardware troubleshooting procedure on Nokia Lumia 1320 PCB board. The solution depends on what caused your iPhone to get stuck in the first place. 1. Hard Reset Your iPhone (But It Wont Work 99 Of The Time).When the Apple logo is stuck on the screen of your iPhone, this usually wont work — but it cant hurt to try. If you get stuck with the blue screen, it is not the screen.When you see the Apple logo come up, let go of the lock button but keep holding the home button.The iTunes logo should come up on the iPhone. After again apple logo seen and blue screenAndroid phones with LTE hardware software solutions .By in iPhone March 27, 2015.

My iphone 5s at startup apple logo seen and after 20 second seen blue screen and restart. It goes to an apple logo then a blue screen and back to the apple logo. The phone is stuck like this. Ive tries restoring it and everything nothings working. In several cases, iPhone stuck on Apple logo has been fixed via a recovery fix method. We hope one of these solutions get the job done for you.As a good alternative, you can download ReiBoot tool to easily fix your device that s stuck in recovery mode or stuck on Apple logo screen. Rarely, the iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo screen.Sometimes simply force restarting the iPhone will kick it out of the stuck Apple logo. If the iPhone is a model is iPhone 7 or newer, then you restart it by holding down the Volume Down and Power button at the same time. "Any ways to repair the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S that stucking on recovery mode or Apple logo screen without losing data?Iphone 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 , 6s, plus: solution to fix "Apple logo stuck" on screen. iphone 5s blue screen loop iphone 6 blue screen iphone blue screen reboot iphone 5s blue screen after apple logo iphone 5s blue screenMy Iphone 5s shows the white starting screen, then the screen goes red for a second and then it is completly black. This process repeats itself over Iphone 5s blue screen restart problem my iphone 5s power button press display swing apple logo 2-3 minit after blue screen 30 secend after restart .

i need tested solution ,any body help me ? br gsmanwar. Pare all apple s and on omo as reiboot detects your device on fix all ios stuck the main interface then select now 11 iphone 5s stuck on apple logo fix in hardware and fake charging solution hard reboot iphone x 8 plus and. Then On seeing this Apple Logo release both buttons ,and the iPhone will reset , which has been known to clear most glitches.Although, If you dont want to apply this, You can try some other solution to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo problem. apple iphone 5s bluescreen and reboot failure ios [] Stuck On Apple Logo Iphones Ipads Ipods.Iphone 5s Blue Screen Solution Easy Fix And Hard Fix Kikoblog. Many users with an iPhone 5s had encountered with the problem that their iPhones were stuck in blue screen and all solutions they tried were unable to solve the problem.Hold the buttons until you see the Apple logo. When your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo screen, it will let you go nowhere but staying on the same Apple logo screen all the time.It is a stronger method to fix the iPhone Apple logo problem. Part 3: Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo without Losing Data (Safe Solution). When you are encountering iPhone stuck in recovery mode issue, you can try the following stepsThis blue screen and logo loop is driving me crazy. Apple service center says that this could be repaired from US only. How to fix iphone stuck on red screen.iPhone: Fix Restart Loop With Apple Logo.how to fix Red/ Blue Screen fix Red scrern iphone 5, 5s, 6 AND 6s. iPhone 7 Plus 7S Blog. If you are having your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone stuck at Apple logo, red or blue screen, then we have got perfect solution for you. In this step by step instructions guide we will show you how to solve this problem. In other cases, the iPhone cant get past Apple logo screen then turn off and show black screen. Thats why some users call it the white apple logo screen of death.Here are the three ways to fix iPhone in Apple logo screen. Why is Your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? An easy solution to iphone stuck on apple logo.Lot of people often go through the basic issue where they see that their iPhone 6 stuck on apple lock screen and they are quite perplexed on not knowing the reason for it. iPhone restarts after reaching Blue Screen of Death. iPhone stays stuck on the Apple logo. Endless spinning gear during boot. Black Screen of Death (phone is recognized by computer, but is inoperable). If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo during startup and cant continue past it to the home screen, you may think your iPhone is ruined. Thats not necessarily the case. Here are a number of steps you can take to get your iPhone out of a startup loop.

This method is especially useful for repairing iPhone stuck on back screen with Apple logo/white logo/spinning wheel.Top 6 Ways to Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Blue Screen of Death and Rebooting Issue. iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo. iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop. Blue Screen on iPhone 5s.iPhone White Screen of Death. iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes. Repair Got blue screen with crazy instructionsContentsIphone 5s Blue Screen Restart Solution Iphone 5s Stuck On Apple Logo Then Black Screen Most build 10586 (TH2/1511) systems have more than this. beppe1968 Resolved HJT Threads 81 03-15-2012 12 Apple Hardware.iPhone 5s Blue, Blank and White Display Problem Solution. If ever encountered this kind of problem you may first try to update or restore the device firmware first, and then try to install a new replacement LCD screen module. I had update my iPone 5S software then after few days when I restart iPhone it appear blue screen loop. like first apple logo then blue screen logo blue screen. Im so angry what should I do ?. Posted in Restore iPhoneTagged how to flash apple iphone, how to flash iphone 5s without itunes, iphone 5s apple logo then black screen, iphone 5s blinking apple logo fix, iphone 5s blue screen loop, iphone 5s blue screen restart solution, iphone 5s flashing apple logo Buying an iPhone is a dream for everyone.If you have 500(price varies with versions) in your hand to spend, then you will surely try to grab an iPhone.You can also try some other third party recovery tools to fix the iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen. Method 4: Fix iPhone Blue Screen of Death Without Data Loss. What to do if Hard-Reset didnt make effects? Or recovery mode cannot rescue your dead iPhone?iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo. When stuck in iPhone blue screen of death in iWork, one workaround to alleviate the iWork-related reboots is to disable iCloud syncing for Apples Pages, Keynote, and Number apps.How to Fix iPhone 6s/6s Plus Stuck on iTunes Logo without Restoring. [Issue Fixed]iPhone Stuck at the Apple Logo Screen.All you need to do is to download and install it on your computer, and then save your iPhones life with one click and no data loss. How to Fix iPhone wont turn on past apple logo then shuts off. The iOS repairing tool can certainly solve the problem of iPhone getting stuck at apple logo screen. Just follow these necessary steps for doing so Data recovery for iphone 5s blue screen after apple logo. Software Manual >>.iphone 5s stuck on apple logo then black screen. iphone 5s blue screen restart solution. How To Fix Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch Stuck In White Apple Logo Free -> Source.Blue screen on iphone 5s how to fix it blue screen on iphone 5s how to fix it how to fix iphone 7 plus or stuck on apple logo iphone blue screen then restart best mobile phone 2017. Choose File > Devices > Restore from Back up This mode is known to fix complicated problems as the iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo of iOS devices. If That Doesnt Work this method, then you can check out the DFU Mode solution. Stuck on apple logo? IPHONES, IPADS, IPODS | Try These Steps First!!!Iphone 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 , 6s, plus: solution to fix "Apple logo stuck" on screen. The phone came in with fake charge, changed u2, still not charge, then i jumpered q2! It started charging, but stuck on apple logo After some time it blinks and restarts, sometimes it shows blue screen If your iPhone 5S has gotten stuck on a blank screen and wont turn on, there is no need to worry just yet.Hold the power button down for a couple of seconds and, if the Apple logo appears, you will know it hadnt been switched on. Allow it to boot up. Part 1. What Causes iPhone Stuck in Apple Logo? There can be a lot of potential reasons why iPhones get stuck on the start-up screen.If force restarting your iPhone does not fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo then you can consider putting the device into DFU mode to resolve the issue. With no other option left, I decided to let it install, even if for hours. BUt then I unplugged it and saw low battery. When I began with charging, after few minutes a vibration with "Hello" screen appeared. If your iPhone faces white screen of death, find the solutions here!If an iPhone is stuck on white screen, it may result from various causes such as a hardwareWhen you see your iPhone screen go black and then the Apple logo appearing on the screen you may release the buttons. iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo FIX (no computer and no restore)masked moron.If you are in UK follow this link www.iphonebits.co.uk/iphone-5s-blue- screen-solution/ If you get bluescreen with some apps iPhone: Fix Restart Loop With Apple Logo - Продолжительность: 2:05 ITJungles 80 024 просмотра.IPHONE 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 , 6s, PLUS: SOLUTION TO FIX "APPLE LOGO STUCK" ON SCREEN - Продолжительность: 3:24 WorldofTech 935 910 просмотров. HOW TO FIX THE BLUESCREEN OF DEATH iPhone 5 S - 2015, Apple iPhone 5s bluescreen and reboot failure iOS 9.2.1, iPhone 5 blue screen and boot loop.iPhone 5s Blue Screen Stuck . how to fix. My iphone is facing a problem. its flashing apple logo and blue screen. please help. When an iPhone stuck at Apple logo while booting up, its trouble for sure. But it can be solved easily.Signing Off. So, these are the four handy solutions to fix Apple logo stuck error on iOS devices. If you dont want to lose any data at all and wish to fix the issue with ease, then Tenorshare When your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo screen, it will let you go nowhere but staying on the same Apple logo screen all the time.It is a stronger method to fix the iPhone Apple logo problem. Part 3: Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo without Losing Data (Safe Solution). iPhone 6 fix when phone wont turn on after charging. Push the side and bottom buttons at the same time. Hold until apple logo appears then release.How to Fix iPhone 5/5C/5S Stuck On Apple Logo Screen.