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Have you ever heard someone in the investing and business world refer to something as being either " top line" or "bottom line"? What do these terms mean, you might ask? How does the top line differ from the bottom line and why should you, or anyone else, care? Bottom line (profit) on the other hand is typically much more important than your revenue. Ive seen my share of 1 million dollar businesses with a net loss of 250,000.[] Many consultants suggested she just grow her top-line. [] Reply. top line business line process equipment company. top line growth vs bottom line growth. what does topline mean. latest. Donald Glover. This video explains the meaning of very common business terms - bottom line and top line of a company. Use bottom line in a Sentence. At the end of the day the boss is either going to be happy with you or not based solely on what you did for his bottom line.For a small business, negotiation can make or break your company. A company that increases its revenues is said to be "growing its top line", or "generating top-line growth". This contrasts with net income (or net earnings per share), which is usually the bottom line of the companys incomeof the highest reputation, importance, etc.: a topline business firm. However, the bottom line involves sin, overtly by doing something wrong or subtly by putting your desires and priorities ahead of Gods.Walking the top line means adopting an eternal perspective and the priorities and values of Christ.

Bottom line also refers to any actions that may increase/decrease net earnings or a companys overall profit.Whats the difference between bottom-line and top-line growth?The Market Is Crashing. Please Explain What All of These Words Mean. 9 Common Effects of Inflation. bottom line meaning, definition, what is bottom line: the final line in the accounts of a company or organization, stating the total profit or.American. Business.

Contents. Top Definition.Person 1: Yah man, I hear youbut whatever you do, DONT look down the bottom line. Last time I did, I noticed little fragments attached to the bottom line. Top line signifies overall growth expansion of business while bottom line highlight percentage of that growth.Bottom line (i.e. Net Profit Margin) on the other hand refers to the Profit After Tax (PAT) (i.e. the last line item in the same table). Business bottom line is one of the most important things that investors keep their eyes on in order to learn about the financial status of an organization.Back to Top. As well, the bottom line of these two business models became much stronger.The terms top of the inning and bottom of the inning are derived from their positions in the line score. The industry is aware of what reduced crime rates could mean to their bottom line. Business Services.For consumer goods companies looking to improve bottom-line growth, the top line is the critical place to focus.This lack of alignment means lost opportunity: trade terms are among the largest commercial investments FMCG companies make. нижняя строка line size размер строки blank line пустая строка line break разрыв строки line item элемент строки line number номер строки Top line, on the other hand, only indicates how effective a company is at generating sales and does not take into consideration operating efficiencies which could have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.3. About Business. 0 shares3 views. TOP 100 Poems. English Songs. Famous Quotations. Business Dictionary.The Bottom Line : Phrases. Meaning: The end result or conclusion. Example: I dont want to hear about how this is a great place to work. Top 10 facts about the world. 10 hilariously insightful foreign words. Top 10 unbelievable historicalWhat does "Double Bottom Line" Mean? What are Net Sales? What is a Realized Gain?GreenWeaver Post 1. In business the bottom line actually is what keeps the businesses afloat. Interest in triple bottom line accounting has been growing across for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors. Many businesses and nonprofit organizations have adopted the TBL sustainability framework to evaluate their performance The familiar phrase the bottom line, used as synonymous with the conclusion or the underlying truth, is actually taken from the standard Income Statement in accounting, which subtracts costsThe first illustration below shows a standard income statement the format and math starts with sales at the top. The top line and the bottom line both refer to different numbers on a companys income statement.Outside of business, its a a common phrase to say, whats the bottom line? This just means cut to the chase or arrive at the point. Bottom line bottom line noun [countable] informal 1. the figure showing a companys total profit or loss: The companys bottom line showed a net profit of 173 million euros Cost-cutting moves under way at the banks should help bottom lines Business Relevant Information Security - The Top and Bottom Lines.Translated into normal speak that means you need to contribute to the business in one of two ways: help the business make money (adding to the top line ). The meaning of Top line. A reference to the gross sales or revenues of a company, or an allusion to a course of action that increases or reduces revenues.The top line is a comparison point to the amount referred to as the bottom line.Tech Business Medical. English term or phrase: top line bottom line. our strong top line growth testifies to our ability to innovate in an ever more challenging environment. If you watch business news channel, you may have heard the term top line and bottom line and if you read the definition of those terms they sound very complex to understand.This means you have good sales and good top line growth but then bottom line is lagging behind. Thus bottom line reflects the actual profit or growth of company. I hope you must have understood the difference between the top line and bottom line.Simple Meaning of NPA. 6 Micro factors affecting Business Environment.

However, this is not to say that a company cannot experience both top- line and bottom-line growth at the same time.Discover how each of Bank of Americas primary lines of business impact the companys bottom line andThe Market Is Crashing. Please Explain What All of These Words Mean. This Colorado-based company says it follows conscientious business practices, which means that it strives to do the right thing at all times, make a positiveResponsibilities of the Alcohol Industry Top 10 Companies that Focus on People in their Triple Bottom Line Agriculture where plants cant grow The bottom line is the Net income. The meaning is that if you cant reach the targeted sales figures in order to show growth and high profitability, you will have to turn to reducing expenses in order to reach.Top line, bottom line. A consolidated business world. Improving productivity meant reducing quality and vice versa. But in the past decade or two, specifically in the service business, weve learned that byThis approach and recognition also drive a far higher percent of the top line to the bottom, yielding measurable increase in profitability and asset value. Bottom line and top line in accounting refer to two line items in the income statement, namely the net income on the bottom of theWay holds a Master of Business Administration in finance from Central Michigan University and a Master of Accountancy from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. bottom line - the decisive point. point - a brief version of the essential meaning of something "getPickwick eyed him intently as he turned from the bottom line of the first page to the top line of theBOTTOM LINE (Business definition): Gross sales minus taxes, interest, depreciation, and other Face-to-face meetings, conferences and events deliver topline growth and bottom line results for c-suite executives in the u.s. According to a survey published by the Meetings Mean Business Coalition, executives believe in-person meetings are Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.Peter F. Drucker MANAGING IN TURBULENT TIMES (1980)The bottom line in business is making a profit and along with that goes the need for power and growth. Top line is corporate net sales, that is, total revenue/income generated by a business. Bottom line is the profit/loss numberhi, recently i heard in news that bank rate and repo rate are cut by 100, 50 basis points what does this mean excalty, plz explain me this in simply words please, i want to know it. Top line is your GP (Gross Profit) and bottom line is your NP (Net Profit). We can increase our NP (Net Profit) by reducing/controlling our expense. By have additional income in business that is not accounted in our budget. What is the Top Line? Companies have to generate money to survive and grow.The result is called net income or the bottom line.Jamie Seeker is the owner of Seeker Solution, LLC an operations consulting business founded in 2015. By topline growth I mean, increasing the website traffic, increasing sales, brand mentions etc.It is not going to decrease. So if you keep focusing on the top line growth then at some point your costinterpret data and take actions, which can quickly improve the bottom- line of your online business. Top-Line vs. Bottom-Line Improvement. 28 March 2014 on Maximizing Earnings.costs by 100,000 in the next 30 days (taking into consideration what this would mean to your "bottom line" results). If it makes better computational sense for the real-world size of your business, change the above dollar I assume that bottom line profits means minimum profits, so turning sales into minimum profits does not make senseMcKibbon Hotel Management is considered the best in the business at turning top line sales intoI was completely misunderstood! bottom line net income top line gross sales. Top-line and bottom-line | Business Line.15/03/2009 Sift through any business newspaper or equity research report and it is unlikely that you will not come across the two words — top-line and bottom-line Triple bottom line (or otherwise noted as TBL or 3BL) is an accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial. Some organizations have adopted the TBL framework to evaluate their performance in a broader perspective to create greater business value. Your businesss bottom line is also called the net profit or net income. The number is either positive or negative and tells you how much money your business has left. If negative, it is referred to as net loss. Thus bottom line has become a general term meaning "crux," "gist," "the last word," or "cut to the chase." Bottom line should not be used in formal business communication.Indeed, the bottom line is that "bottom line" is now cliche and probably best avoided entirely. Most people know that a business needs a strong bottom line if it is to remain viable and stay in business. But they may not be as clear about the meaning behind this phrase.So, which is more important for your telephone answering service, the top line or the bottom line? 1. PRAAVEEN KUMAR MISHRA MBA (Fin), SCMPro Logistics Supply Chain Management Professional Bottom-line vs Top-line Growth A companys bottom line is its net income, or the " bottom" figure on a companys income statement. A business bottom line is the total profit it made on the income statement, minus all the losses it incurred.Bottom line means net earnings (net profit) because it appears at the bottom of a companys financial statement. In financial jargon, the term is the opposite of Top Line when WikiAnswers Categories Business Finance Business and Industry Business Accounting and Bookkeeping What is top line vs bottom line?What does the line between the top and bottom number of a fraction mean? "divided by". Recently, I learned about top lines. This is about healthy behaviors you want to encourage.BOTTOM LINES: No screen time before meditating in the morning. Period. Dont do anything else while conversing with people. This means I cant be working on my computer while people — especially