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JavaScript. Technical Tutorials: Free. Good Quality.To access a unique element the .getElementById() method should be used. JavaScript DOM. 5) Document Object getElementById getElementsByName getElementsByTagName JS innerHTML property JS innerText property.HTML/DOM Events. home Javascript Scripts » Document.Getelementbyid().Innerhtml Javascript - HOW TO SET, Example.document.getElementById().innerHTML javascript - how to set, Example. document.getElementById(idstring). Return a (none-live) element object. Returns null if not found.Note: element id must be unique per HTML file. (embeded iframe counts as different HTML file.)Heres JavaScript code that makes the first element with name"xyz" red. Follow example uses getelementbyid() to show your local time dynamically. < script type"text/javascript"> function currenttime() .

HTML wrapper. document.getElementById(id). Explanation.

HTML DOM defines a variety of methods to find elements in addition to getElementById (), as well as getElementsByName () and getElementsByTagName ().