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Birthday should be wished in a unique way by saying birthday wishes on your friends wall.Here we keep adding happy birthday greetings status for facebook and funny birthday fb status quotes. Happy Birthday Wishes for a Friend on Facebook!!! No doubt Facebook is one of the best rendezvous for all friends.So, it wont be wrong if I say happy birthday baby, because you are born today! This past birthday I just got "happy birthday" from some dude I dont even know.On average Id say most people on my Facebook get over 50 likes. I get more than 1 (although a lot are from family), but Im definitely not "popular" on FB lol. Smileys Funny Emoticons Symbols Emoticons Emoji Symbols Gift Boxes Emojis Special Gifts Smile Face Happy Birthday Facebook Post.Happy Birthday Quotes Birthday Wishes Happy Birthday Messages Funny Birthday Sayings Happy Birthday Greetings Birthday Parties Birthday Animals So heres the solution I propose for our collective social media presences going forward: Lets all agree to stop wishing people happy birthday on Facebook altogether.They feel like they should acknowledge a birthday because its so simple, but they dont have anything of substance to say. You can say: Many happy returns of the day! Many more happy returns! I wish you a wonderful birthday! Have a great one!Full name Location Facebook Twitter Google Email. About me. Make this email public. When you create a birthday event on Facebook, in the Select Guests menu you see the list of your friends. You can also enter the e-mail address of the friend, who has no profile on Facebook.Happy birthday pictures as a way to say thanks. These quotes, sayings, and happy birthday wishes are the best way to wish your friends, family members or anyone else. Use these special sayings and happy birthday wishes to make their day more special. You can post these on the facebook and use as a text message as well. Can you help me come up with alternative ways to say happy birthday?Ones that Ive seen on my (and others) Facebook walls: Hippo Birdy Two Ewes Congratulating them on the anniversary of their birth. See more of Happy Birthday Wishes Greetings Messages on Facebook.People say if you have a sister in your life, You are the luckiest, I think that is true, Coz I have a sweet sister like you, Happy birthday dear!!! How can I post a happy birthday picture on Facebook? How many Facebook posts are there every day?Related Questions. What percentage of Facebook wall posts say "happy birthday?" Is it possible to hide "happy birthday" posts when scrolling down Facebook Timeline? CH Staff. July 16, 2015.

Facebook birthdays make me wish you were never born. Filed Under Have a happy birthday! Facebook Birthday Post for Friends on FB.I know many have wished a happy birthday but now I want I want to finalize by saying that I will forever be your friend. I cherish you both on Facebook and on the real world. Say Happy Birthday Mom in a unique and emotional style by choosing one of these beautiful birthday wishes and messages.Happy birthday, mommy. Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail. Attitude is much more better than aptitude.

I dont really count who says Happy Birthday to me on Facebook and who doesnt. And if you say it once, you dont need to repeat it on every form of communication available. But I like that Facebook reminds me of other peoples birthdays. You make me smile every day! On a similarly sentimental note, you can even say, Happy Birthday, I am glad you were born on this day.>>> Birthday wishes for friends facebook photo and Happy Birthday Cards. Happy Birthday Facebook Messages for Facebook friends and Family members Images or messages for Share on Facebook Status with Quotes Birthday Messages.So, it wont be wrong if I say happy birthday baby, because you are born today! I came up with a few interesting ways to better wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook.If the person has a special meaning, at least shoot them a private message to say Happy Birthday and a few words. Luckily for us, comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates have their fingers on the pulse of this technological weirdness, and theyve written a song about what everyones really thinking when they wish you a " HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! : )" on Facebook. DO NOT: Wish me happy birthday on Facebook if I havent spoken to you in over 5 years.The all-encompassing thank you - When everything is said and done, simply post a status that generically thanks everyone who wished you happy birthday. This will be a unique yet appreciated way to say thank you to your friends on Facebook.17) I want to thank everyone who took the time to share a text, calls, hugs and Facebook messages say Happy Birthday. Dont post just "happy birthday" on his or her Facebook wall. Take a few moments and make it in a more creative and fun way. Here we present you lots of funny birthday wall posts for Facebook or other social networks. I try to wish all my facebook friends happy birthday on facebook when they have a birthday. It is so simple and boring to just type Happy Birthday have a great day over and over again. What are some unique different ways to say Happy Birthday to friends ? Birthday Wishes, Quotes. Messages, Greetings, SMS, Saying, Meme For Facebook Status.Happy birthday to most eligible and handsome bachelor in the world around us have a special day ahead If youre Looking for a better way to wish some-one happy birthday on Facebook Ascii Art is the solution. When Im in a rush and cant think off anything quick and witty to say before I rush off to work, I simply paste one of these cool facebook symbol greetings. Although youre three decades old today, its still your birth day, right? So, it wont be wrong if I say happy birthday baby, because you are born today!Hoping that your birthday is as memorable as the posts that you share with me on Facebook! Have a fantastic day, friend! Behold sassier, more creative ways to wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook.So maybe youre super busy and want to use the two minutes you have in the post workout fro-yo line to say spread some birthday cheer, at least add a nickname to the end of your birthday message. If you like to celebrate, then youll love this phrase! Youre going to learn how to say Happy Birthday in Korean. Youll also learn the song!Share on Facebook Tweet (Share on Twitter) Share on Google Pin it (Share on Pinterest). Birthday Wishes Message For Facebook: Express your warmth, love and emotions with such Happy Birthday Wishes Messages and Sayings Facebook. A birthday is incomplete without cute birthday wish.

Dont Forget to Share These Happy Birthday Wishes For Facebook on Social Media Like: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg.happy birthday cards for facebook free | Share4you blog says Anyway, all that to say, I dont usually say happy birthday on Facebook because it seems so contrived.My happy birthday facebook posts really depend on how much I like you and or the last time I saw you. My way of saying Thank You!Fun Ways to Wish Your Friends Happy Birthday on Facebook : Everything Facebook - Продолжительность: 1:24 eHow UK 16 482 просмотра. Everyone came forth to say "Happy Birthday!!" (with two exclamation marks or more, or it doesnt count), or " HappyBut I couldnt shake the feeling that even if its just on Facebook, I was breaching a certain established proper etiquette by not responding, that I was — horror of horrors — being rude. Facebook and other social media sites make it simple to say happy birthday to your friends, and Happy Birthday Post makes it even easier! Take a look at all of our birthday message categories for some ideas, and check back often because we frequently add new birthday wishes! Its amazing youve lived this long, so Ill just say happy birthday and congratulations! Facebook wants me, as your friend, to break some bad news toIts probably a lot safer to wish you a happy birthday on Facebook than in person, since the number of candles on your cake is sure to create a fire hazard. I want to thank everyone who took time out of their day to wish me happy birthday on Facebook it made me smile every time!I havent been on Facebook to say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes and blessing. We also collected the best friend quotes some funny birthday wishes you could say to your buddy.Feel free to use these birthday messages to wish your friend a happy birthday on Facebook, Whatsapp! For some reason, saying happy birthday in French just sounds cooler.You could just tell them happy birthday in person or leave a Facebook post. For a more personalized approach though, nothing beats a traditional birthday card and gift. Copy and paste this:- (). () Happy Birthday () ) or go to this site for more- http://www.fbsymbols.com/status.html. Just go to FB status decor. I am sure that every word was said with love, and therefore, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Category: Best birthday thank you message on facebook.Thank you so much for making me so happy. Category: Best birthday thank you message on facebook. > Table of Contents. How to Wish Myself Happy Birthday on Facebook.22. Remembering today in a good shape is a good reason to say thank You, God. Its my happier birthday. 23. Some are 6 feet down the earth and Im alive gyrating. One of the things that I enjoy doing the most on Facebook is saying Happy Birthday! to someone on their wall. Facebook had made this a super simple process by adding a quick link on your Newsfeed that said Write on their Timeline. Tired of joining the dozens of other people saying Happy Birthday! on Facebook whenever the anniversary of a friends blessed nativity comes around? What exactly is the purpose of posting happy birthday meme graphic pictures on Facebook?Make a Tom Cat video saying Happy birthday to your friend (Happy birthday my sweet sister Karen) or let Tom say something more hilarious and post it on your friends Facebook birthday page. Friends are your best treasure on this world, they can be with you at any time, any where, they will be stand by you when you sad, they will cheers for you when you happy. Friends is the beautiful thing ever you have and you also want to wish the best thing for them in their birthday My first Facebook birthday greeting came in around 10:30 PM the night before my actual birthday.Saw your birthday is tomorrow. Hope its a happy one! Several of my Facebook friends liked the post and added their own post to my wall Make every birthday a re-birth day! Short Birthday Sayings. I hope you have an incredible day today. You deserve it! I hope you celebrated in grand style!Have a wonderful day celebrating! Facebook Post Material. Happy Birthday friend enjoy your special day. Posting Happy Birthday on someones Facebook wall. Its a birth anniversary of your friend, and people (not you, People!) cant even come up with single witty sentence or other ways to say happy birthday? Even if you dont text but go out once or twice a month, recognize how difficult it is to meet someone and hit it off after a certain age, and at the minimum, text them to say happy birthday. Post on a Facebook wall/send a tweet: Old friends with whom you keep in touch on Facebook only. If you dont like a person enough to spell out "Happy Birthday," will you feel compelled to donate to a dog shelter in their name?However, he says passively posting a request for donations on Facebook or Twitter isnt nearly as effective as contacting someone directly over email, text or in person.