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Google play store works as a medium between our smartphones and the awesome apps and games.However, you can uninstall the updates. Doing so well revert it back to the older version.If not, read on. 7. Dont Ignore Google Play Services. Our app is facing a strange problem after Google Play services updated to 4.1. We are using Activity Recognition in the Google Play services.We tried to stop and re-request for updates, but it doesnt work. Google Play Services is used to update Google services and apps from the companys Play Store.Google Play store not working | has stopped? I have deleted Google Play services on my Android cell phone. You may face this problem after opening play store or during installing any app.If you think, Its not working, You may search for latest APK file of Google Play Services and install it in your phone.Solution 3: Uninstall and Re-Install Google Play Services Update. How do I stop Google Play store from updating itself on rooted lolipop 5.1.1? Why does Google Play auto update apps even when I have checked the "Do not auto update" feature?Follow below steps to disable auto updating in Google Play Services. Install the latest version of Google Play. Its silly, but sometimes a Google Play update is available but wont automatically download until days afterIts just which one work for you. Like Clear the Cache and Data, Uninstall Google Play Services, Update Google Play Services, Reset App Preference etc. This will also fix the Google Play store not working issue. For this solution, use the following method step by step.

Now install the updated version of the Google Play service. After installing, your problem might be solved by now. If not, try the next solution. "Google Play services wont run unless you update Google Play services." This keeps popping up on my phone after upgrading to 5.1What is the exact working version of Google Play services that should be on a Verizon Moto X with 5.1? Most important is the last three digits. How do I turn on Google Play services? Why does Google Play store stop working?After updating new OS, Android phones getting screen flicking problems with the display.

Do you have an idea about why this flickering occur Another problem is sometimes Google play store wont work after android app update.Now just search for Google Play services app. Open the app and Clear Cache. Now check whether your play store functioning improved or still not working. Google play store apps not downloading or installing or updating. just shows downloading nothing happens. removedGoogle services is not working in my phone tried via wifi and mobile data still same. After the last play services update (Nov 10), "Google play services has stopped working" error has kept on popping up. Other apps also seem to keep crashing (facebook, messenger, evernote, skype etc). I updated it and after the mobile reboot the google play store app stopped responding. crashing on its own. Im not able to update any of the apps.Really I gave my mobile for a small problem of Google play store not working and my mobile is sitting like a paper weight in the service centre. Here we are describing 6 methods so that you can try out another if anyone will not work in your device. 1) Solve Google Play Services Has Stopped Working Error [Method 1].After updating app, clearing data and cache, adding-removing google accounts, it is time to reset app preferences. Hi, I just recently updated my Xperia Z to lollipop and the first thing I encountered was that my google play services isnt working anymore. Therefore, I cant sign in on any of my google services in my phone, chrome, youtube, play store, etc. Step 5: After opening Google Play services app, you should see an option to Clear Cache for the app.If something goes wrong here, Google Play Services may stop working or keep crashingAlso see: Google Play Store vs. Google Play Services. Update: We are receiving many queries after reinstallation in manifest i added only. android:name"

android.gms.version". android:value"integer/ googleplayservicesversion" />. and changed the apikey. what should i do to get my map work again? thanks. After updating Google Play Services to 11.8.0 (from 11.6.2) my builds stop working. This is what I got: Unexpected error while computing stack sizes: Class [com/ google/android/gms/internal/zzao] Method [zzf(Ljava/lang/String)J] Exception [java.lang.IllegalArgumentException] Now it looks like the button is indeed working. Google Play Services version 12.2.09 appears to enable the "Check for update" button. The update isnt rolling out to the public quite yet, but it is available in beta. After updating sdkboxplay plugin I cannot connect to google play services anymore.I think devs again added check for google play services version in wrong way - even if phone Google play services versions is smaller then bundled in app it still should work u should check features Google play services should update automatically. If it does not update, open Gapp or google map. This prompts to update.How I Borrowed Money Without Collateral on PayLater How it Works. February 10, 2018 RUBIZTECH 0. If yes and youre looking for a working solution, then below are the complete steps to fix Google Play Services has stopped working unexpectedly error.There may be a case that you got a popup of Google Play Services has stopped after lollipop update, marshmallow update or nougat update. Our app is facing a strange problem after Google Play services updated to 4.1.We tried to stop and re-request for updates, but it doesnt work. Only solution we found to make it work again is to restart phone. When I go to gmail it says google services needs to be updated to work but when I click on it, it says google play services is not compatible with your device and itFunally you should click uninstall updates of Google Play Services. After doing it, this type of notification will not appeare in future. Make Sure Google Play Services Work Fine. Google Play Services provide the core functionality to Googles services and synchronization.Now, you can try clearing the cache, clearing the data or update the Google Play services to make sure everything is alright. Before updating I went into Google Play and updated all my apps, then went back and performed the upgrade. Now after everything is complete I cant access Google Play. I cleared cache and data and even performed a full factory reset After updating Google Play Services to 11.8.0 (from 11.6.2) my builds stop working. This is what I got: Unexpected error while computing stack sizes: Class [com/ google/android/gms/internal/zzao] Method [zzf(Ljava/lang/String)J] Exception [java.lang.IllegalArgumentException] Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum General Bugs Google play services stopped working after update.Description. After updating to Google play services prompting every time after switch offing my mobile. Till today it worked fine but after Eclipse updating and also Google Play Service v13 installation it is not working an. Why cant Google Play Services find right version after Update Expected 5077000 but found 1013. Patch releases Looking for Work? Google Play Services not working? Discussion in Android started by SD2020, Jul 26, 2017.Everything should work now, after giving IT a couple minutes to update. I Hate that this is not documented clearly. Right after I updated to Android 7.0 Nougat on my Galaxy S7, all of my Google Play Sercies stopped working: music, play store, email, etc. They all stay "loading" forever and never come up. Google Map still works, likely because its not managed by Play Services. Are you facing Google Play has stopped working , Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped, Unfortunately google app has stopped errors when you are trying to run Google Play on your Android basedAfter the Google Play Store updates, the same exact problem begins again. But found that google play store stopped working. On clicking playstore it displays checking info the process never ends. Also installed google play also doesnt work as it displays error that google play services wont run unless you update google play services. My Google Play Services not update, "error 501" Anyone have a solution for this? Sorry my bad english ) Thanks.But after I Flashed the update Google Play Services show an "Google Play Services Has stop working" and the Google Play Today, we are going to talk about the issue that is Freedom APK Not Working after latest update.Sometimes, instead of freecard, you might see your billing information there, which is Google Plays normal payment method. Google Play Services Error- Lollipop Update Fix. Ola Afariogun How To Update the Google.After the update some Chinese software was installed and now thge playstore is not working on my phone. I get the message Google play service is not. Ive tried and updated both my Google Play Services extension as well as everything related to the services in the SDK manager, but nothings changed.However, trying to access the online leaderboard does not work. When starting the app after the first time, no message is shown After using Freedom you should go to Freedom and press stop or your Google services (like google sync, Google play and Google wont work).Updating works fine from my testing, so I cant say absolutely that Play Store doesnt work.You cant browse apps, thats all. Google Play Services Error- Lollipop Update Fix - Продолжительность: 4:51 Ola Afariogun 477 670 просмотров.How to fix unfortunately google play services has stopped working in android - Продолжительность: 1:06 Theta Box 155 579 просмотров. Missing Google play games service classes. Android Location Manager class methods dont work : unable to resolve virtual method.I have updated ADT and my SDK. I have also tried removing and re-adding the Google play Lib in eclipse. Its been working perfectly for months, but one day after updating some apps like Uber, Viber or Windy, I was told that Google Play services need to be updated as well and would not work properly, until then. Hell freezes and the sky falls once it happens to stop working, though. How will you download that new app you have been so desperately waiting for?Just go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and tap on Uninstall updates. Could the issue be Google Play Services? Here is what you should if the Play Store app does not work for you.Downloading and installing the latest version of Google Play Services can help solve the problem. The latest version of the software is more stable, thus it is important to keep it updated. Google Play will not work without Goggle Services if you want to use Google, you MUST SUBMIT !!! (I dont know why they dont just say that here) Submit by allowing Google total control via update and all will be bliss.My google play is now working after following this guide. Tested and works nice. Using the play store I install Google Maps.Now open apps like Google, Gmail which will prompt the update of Google Play services. After the completion of update remove all Google applications from recent apps and try opening Google maps again. UPDATE: Version 7.8.99 of Google Play Services works, too. So the problems seem to start with the 8.1 version series.After reviewing your case, it appears you are having issues with Google Play Services not working properly on your device. Is this correct? Try to run Google Play Store after each method.If Google Play services keeps stopping for you, then updating the app will fix this problem for sure.Google account creates, unfortunately Google Play services has stopped working problem too so that re-adding could help. After uninstalling the updates, the unit starts to present several errors! This is normal! Errors stop appearing so you again updated Google Play Service.beth. I did everything that it told me to do and it still did not work. It says can not get information from server [rh-01]. (3) Uninstall all Play Store updates In case, your problem is not fixed even after updating the Play Store app, do it by uninstalling all updates from the Play Store Settings.My Play store is not working Edit hosts file. Down timing, your Google Play store services will also disable the other Couldnt find any malware so I ingnored that time. But to clear my doubts I decided to hard reset my phone. After hard reset 4 pop-up appeared.I did tried all the possible solutions to fix google play services e.g. downloading latest updates etc but nothing is working .